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05 May 2020 @ 10:06 pm

Okay, so! All my SPN fiction. I would do one for Buffy and Angelverse fic, but...Yeah. I have like 200 fics or something and it's just too daunting to start! Sorry!

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25 August 2015 @ 08:35 am
Well, over at nekid_spike, the lovely rbfvid asked me for a drabble set with the marvellous prompt of "being evil", any pairings or none. Naturally, they all centre around our darling Spike!!!!

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26 July 2015 @ 06:28 pm
OMG, it's been 18 months since I posted an anti-kink fic... I can't even believe it! LAME.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this one. Sam and Dean make a sex tape! They're not as good at it as Dean seems to think.

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28 February 2015 @ 01:17 pm
It's the incredible, wonderful and all-round awesome hello_spikey's birthday today!!!!

Which means I've written a little nasty, dark, abusive fic. Obviously.

It's AU, set at a bible camp, and features a camp counsellor called Angelus. That's probably all you need to know, really, to see the direction this is heading. It's all from Lindsey's POV and also features Spike and Dean Winchester (because I needed more pretty boys to abuse).

Darling, I hope that you enjoy! MWAH!

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26 February 2015 @ 01:38 pm
Over at nekid_spike, the absolutely fabulous futterwackens asked me for a fic where Giles is the father of Lindsey and adopts a troubled Spike, who has porphyria and thinks he's a vampire. He wanted the fic to be dark, sad and angsty, but have a happy ending.

It's AU, obviously, and it's been written in a diary style, because if I tried to write this as a fic it would turn into War and Peace! It's also gen, with warnings for psychological disorder, allusions to child abuse and mild gore.

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14 February 2015 @ 03:44 pm
Here we go! This is the masterpost for my mini bang for the wonderful spn_hardcore_bb.

wired wrong

Title: Wired Wrong
Author: ash_carpenter
Artist: Steco (stefy_coool)
Pairings: John/Dean, John/Sam, Sam/Dean, brief Dean/OMCs
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~14.7k
Warnings: Daddycest, angst, violence, dub-con elements, humiliation, brief gang-bang, suggested psychological issues (attendant to parental incest), canonical character death. This is a dark fic!
A/N: I decided to write a sequel for my Dean/John fic Like Breathing, which is a one-shot that is perhaps worth reading first. This picks up after Sam has seen his father and brother together.

Summary: John knows that he shouldn't touch either of his boys that way. Sam knows he went to Stanford to outrun his sickness - and that it caught up with him anyway. Everyone knows that Dean will do just about anything to keep his family together. They all know that there's a lot of perversion, manipulation and downright sordidness going on - and that they have to put an end to it before someone gets damaged beyond repair. The problem is that they're just wired wrong.

Prequel fic: Like Breathing ¦¦ Chapter 1 ¦¦ Chapter 2 ¦¦ Chapter 3 ¦¦ Chapter 4 ¦¦

Art Post

14 February 2015 @ 03:28 pm
So excited! This is the absolutely gorgeous artwork for my mini big bang fic for spn_hardcore_bb, Wired Wrong (masterpost here). It was executed by Steco (stefy_coool), who was wonderful to work with and sent me all the linearts etc. - which was amazing for me so that I could see the progression a piece of art goes through when someone talented is doing it!

Enjoy :)

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20 January 2015 @ 08:02 pm
Well now. Over at nekid_spike, my dirtybadwrong darling snogged asked me for a dark and feisty Spike/Riley fic taking place after Riley stabs Spike with the plastic stake (Into the Woods - 5x10). She said that she could already imagine the sass that would come pouring out of Spike's mouth and the punishment that would follow!

It's dark, and pretty feisty. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask who was supposed to be punishing who and then it took a sharp left into angstville... Still. There's violence and biting and blowjobs and lots of snark, so we'll call it a win...? Hope that you enjoy, honey!

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04 January 2015 @ 02:05 pm
Pretty recently, the wonderful meus_venator oh so subtly reminded me that what I should be writing is Deanmon fic. Well, she wanted smouldering hot, insightful Deanmon fic, but we can't have everything ;-)

In some ways, the show didn't give me the demon!Dean that I wanted. However, I've finished having a tantrum about that and this fic goes some way (for me) towards reconciling what we saw on-screen with my own head-canon about Dean's obsession with Sam. I've also made myself a shiny new demon!Dean header and layout, so it's all very self-indulgent.

It's not wincest, although there are unrequited incestuous feelings that Dean taunts Sam with. Warnings for graphic violent imagery and desires for fratricide; it's all from Dean's POV.

Set over 10.02 (Reichenbach) and 10.03 (Soul Survivor). Sam needs his brother back, but he doesn't seem to understand that Dean doesn't want his cure or his help. In fact, Dean only wants one thing from Sam: a slow, painful death.

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22 December 2014 @ 11:26 pm
So, over at nekid_spike, the adorable chasingdemons asked me for Spike with either Angel or Wesley, a little more plot than porn, angsty and not necessarily strictly canon. Well, I did my best, but I'm afraid that there's so little porn that there's actually none at all. FAIL.

This is set straight after School Hard and it's a mix of dialogue fic and outsider POV.

Two guys meet up in a bar after a long time apart. She can see the hurt and old resentments, and knows it's the same old story she's seen a hundred times before...

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21 December 2014 @ 11:07 pm
Well, anti-kink actually. Be forewarned, I'm fully intending to ruin the kink ;-)

It's been almost a year (what the fuck?!) since I wrote my last anti-kink and I feel like doing a new one. So what would be great is some suggestions of kinks that you'd like fucked up by the Winchesters! Come on, flist, help me out; I know for damned sure that some of you are kink encyclopaedias...

These are the 25 I've had so far:
Ice and Wax
Coming in pants
Anal Play
Shower sex
Sex on the beach
Christmas (roleplay)
Dirty Talk
Mile High Club
Sex Toys
Sex in the water
Sex pollen

If anyone's interested, I've been keeping score and here are some stats:
# times just Dean has come: 3
# times just Sam has come: 3
# times they've both come: 6 (see, I'm nicer to them than I seem!)
# kinks that were Dean's idea: 6
# kinks that were Sam's idea: 14 (omg, the pervert)
# times they've been caught: 10
# times they actually didn't have sex at all: 11

LOL. Poor Winchesters.
07 December 2014 @ 07:59 pm
Okay, so I haven't been around very much lately - life has rudely interfered at every opportunity and tried to prevent me from porning, damn it.

However, today is my darling rockstarpeach's birthday. Now, she hasn't been around much lately either, and I'm not quite sure where her head's at re SPN right now. So, wasn't entirely sure what to write for her as a pressie... I finally decided that I should step out of my comfort zone and do something that I've never done before.

That's right, baby: I've written you some Destiel (or is that Dee-stiel?). I mean, it's probably not very good Destiel, considering that I've never even read it really, let alone written it, but it's the thought that counts! Love you!!!!!!!

Short, snarky and a little porny, set now-ish in s10 (although I haven't seen the latest ep yet). Dean's finally bought a clue and wants to say thank you to his best friend in a special way...

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30 August 2014 @ 02:10 am
Everyone's doing this and I REALLY know I shouldn't, but I'm writing it anyway. There's a very good chance that I will delete instead of posting, in the interests of not alienating 90% of people in fandom, but let's see.... It' my person fandom facts, so I guess I can say what  want.

1. I have no interest at all in Jensen or Jared. I care about Dean and Sam, but as far as I am concerned the real life boys are just actors doing a job and are nothing at all to do with the characters I care about. I've seen a few vids, think they're quite cute and funny and all that, but literally couldn't give a shit.

2. Perhaps tied to above (not sure), but I seriously hate RPS. Occasionally I read it - sometimes because good friends - and amazing writers - have written it, sometimes because the particular kinks are so far up my alley that I just can't turn away. But I am irretrievably squicked by the use of real people's names and lives (seriously, characters are up for grabs, but real people should NOT have to put up with this shit) and I literally cringe if I ever click on a link and start reading. Also, it's the one thing (and, let's face it, I'm not the most moral person when it comes to fiction choices) that I can guarantee that I will NEVER write.

3. I understand fandom's annoyance with Becky, but I actually think a lot of the hate comes from the fact that people truly do recognise themselves in her. Fandom is a scary place, and while people hate to admit it, a lot of fans actually are that sad and creepy. Also, I think the actors probably find most fans just as irritating and squicky as Dean and Sam find Becky. Sorry, but that's my honest opinion on the situation *shrug*.

4. I do not understand the bestiality bent in this fandom. I don't get A/B/O or were-whatevers, or the number of kink meme prompts involving dogs. Not dissing people's kinks (people in glass houses and all that) but I don't get it at all and I will never click a link if it involves these elements, no matter how awesome the summary sounds.

5. There are a lot of hardcore and other kinks I like, but feminisation squicks me incredibly, in every form (including het, where people actually are female!). I like the boys being boys (rawr) and I will never understand wanting to turn them into girls, cross-dressing them, or anything of that ilk. And mpreg? Don't even get me started.

6. It's not a revelation that wincest is my OTP. A lot of the fascination with their relationship for me comes from the fact they're brothers, and therefore the incest involved. This is why if I ever start a fic and realise that it's "AU where the boys are not brothers" I'll hit the back key hard enough to get whiplash. As far as I'm concerned, Sam/Dean without incest is pointless.

7. I'm not easily moved. I hate films that require an emotional response for me (and I won't touch romance with a ten foot pole). However, A Very Supernatural Christmas makes me cry every single time I watch it. Damn it. Stupid show turning me into a girl... *mutters*

8. I actually think SPN should have finished in season 4, or at least by season 5. Either Lucifer Rising or Swan Song would have worked as finales - and I have personally found that the show has gone downhill ever since. There have been lots of bits I've loved, of course, but the only thing that has seriously got me excited/interested in the last 4 seasons (excluding point 10 below) is Benny, who was a fucking awesome character in every way.

9. I like both brothers. For the last few seasons, I've liked Sam better than Dean (particularly after Dean killed Amy Pond, which was such a dick move for me that I've found it hard to move past it). But I believe that Jensen is a better actor, which makes me identify with Dean more. I find that Jared has a tendency to overact, whereas Jensen is better at conveying emotions more subtly. The classic example for me will always be where Dean and Sam are burning John's body - Sam is crying, but Dean (who is doing nothing, not even particularly registering an emotion) just looks so utterly destroyed that it stomps all over my heart every time.

10. I think the Mark of Cain/demon!Dean arc is by far the best thing to happen to SPN in years, and I both love it and can't wait to see where they go. No doubt, it'll get fucked up (read: not be exactly what Ash wants), but right now I'm still all excited by it.

Please note: the point of this meme is to post your own fannish POV. If you don't like what I've written, that's fine - but this is my journal and these are my own personal opinions. Feel free to comment, but don't try to convince me that my opinions are wrong.

Also, please make allowances for the fact I'm pretty drunk. Just be glad this isn't a grammar rant :P

The darling and fabulous chasingdemons asked me over at nekid_spike for a kinky Spangel, post NFA, when everything's different. Since the theme of the month is "Drive-In", I decided to use that for a setting :)

So here's just a little Spangel where they end up having a date at a drive-in movie, with warnings for handjobs, blowjobs, general adolescent behaviour - and probably a healthy side order of crack.

Hope that you enjoy!

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25 June 2014 @ 09:18 pm
Here's some short post 9x23 Wincest fic, with Sam figuring out that Dean is a demon and his reaction to it.

Dark and angsty, bloody and a little sexually violent, folks. Just the way I like it :)

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I participated in Remix2014, which was marvellously multi-fandom - although I only picked SPN to write in. It was anonymous, but the author reveals came today, so I can post here.

(Incidentally, the fabulous brightly_lit did a wonderful Sam POV of my Dean gen fic The Road to Battle: it's called Superman and if you click on the title there you can read it on A03.)

I was assigned to write for 2ndary_author, who isn't actually in the SPN fandom anymore, but who has some truly gorgeous early season fic, mostly gen. The story of hers that I picked to remix was 'every secret thing, good or evil', which is only a drabble but is so beautifully crafted that it tells an entire story. It's about John, and about keeping precious things safe from harm and unknown to enemies, and it really reflects what I consider to be one of the most important facets of his character (back in the days before it became fully annihilated by the show's retcon.)

Anyway, this is my remix. It's gen, a character study of John - and, obliquely, all of the Winchesters and their creed - and actually says very little that can't be gleaned from its original author's work. But hey, I tried. :)

However he came by his raw, instinctual understanding, the thing he knew was this: you never let the evil bastards realize that you have something precious. Something you’ll do anything to keep safe.Collapse )