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11 April 2013 @ 10:55 pm
Spike/Wesley fic for pickamix: Mending Up  
Well, over at nekid_spike the wonderful pickamix asked me for a Spike/Wes follow-up to a fic I wrote for her called Broken and Bound, with bondage and cuddling and kissing.

Needless to say, I was happy to oblige! :D

NC-17, with bondage and a little smattering of angst, but actually quite schmoopy.

Mending Up

Spike smiled as he saw Wesley emerging from Angel’s office. He’d hoped that Wes would return to work after their night together, that he would be feeling stronger and more able to bear his terrible burden of grief. But he hadn’t been holding his metaphorical breath; he knew how hard the man was finding life at the moment.

So it was gratifying to see him. Although Spike had to admit that he felt a little awkward suddenly. He didn’t know whether Wesley would want to acknowledge what had happened, or if he’d want to bury it. It was even possible that he was feeling guilty about betraying Fred’s memory or something.

Irritated to find himself standing stupidly in the middle of the lobby, shifting from foot to foot in nervous indecision, it was a relief when Wes looked up from the papers in his hand and gave him a small smile.

Spike opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off as Angel followed Wesley out of the office. Upon spotting Spike, he glared disapprovingly. “What do you want?”

Spike scowled. He knew that Angel was probably just worried that any kind of drama might upset Wesley on his first day back, but it was incredibly annoying that the enormous tit didn’t realise that he caused most of the tension in the first place.

He would have dearly loved to point this out, and potentially punch Angel in the nose as well, just for fun, but he restrained himself for Wes’ benefit.

“Just come to see if I can lend a hand,” Spike replied evenly, stifling a smile as Wesley raised an amused eyebrow at him and gave him a suggestive look.

“Come to see if there’s anyone to piss off, you mean,” said Angel, oblivious.

“If you like,” shrugged Spike.

“No, I don’t like. And neither does anyone else. Go home, Spike.”

“Well now, that’s not fair. I haven’t even had the opportunity to ask anyone else if they need pissing off, yet.”

Before Angel could explode, Wesley turned to look back at him. “I could actually do with Spike’s services.”

“What?” asked Angel, surprised. “You need someone to piss you off?”

“Not particularly, no. I don’t generally find myself short of people who piss me off when I’m here. But I’m putting together a profile for Mnelmar demons and I believe Spike mentioned that he’d had firsthand experience with them.”

“Really?” Angel looked dubious.

“S’right,” agreed Spike. “I knew a bunch who ran a bondage club in London.”

What?” spluttered Angel.

“Made a good living, they did. Having seven fingers on each of your three hands makes you very dextrous with knots. Taught me a thing or two, I can tell you.”

Wesley nodded, impassive. “Excellent. Well, come to my office and we’ll discuss it further. Perhaps you can show me some of the techniques?”

“I’d be happy to,” said Spike, following Wesley and attempting not to laugh at Angel’s shocked and confused face.


“You’re awful, you know that?”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean,” answered Wes as they walked into his office, pushing the button to close the blinds.

“Yeah, butter wouldn’t melt.” Spike grinned, stepping closer to Wesley. “So, what exactly would you like to know about these rope-tying techniques?”

“Actually, now that I consider it further, I probably know enough about bondage to get by,” said Wesley, suddenly flexing his fingers with a shower of sparks. Spike was astonished to feel the crackle of magic over his skin as invisible bonds wound around his wrists and abruptly pulled them tight behind his back.

“Now, that’s a neat trick.”

“Indeed. I had a feeling it would come in useful – and my abilities are always strongest here due to the wards I’ve made and power sources I’ve collected.”

Spike flexed his wrists experimentally, groaning a little when he felt the fluid ropes of energy tighten in response.

“So, got me all tied up. What are you planning to do about it?”

Wesley pursed his lips as if in thought, placing his hand on Spike’s chest and then trailing it down over his stomach, finally cupping Spike’s growing erection. “Well, I didn’t really have any grand plan. I thought perhaps I’d strip you down, sit in that chair, and have you ride me.”

Spike pushed his hips forward, chasing the touch. Whatever he’d awakened in Wesley, he liked it. Probably the man was just using the sex as a distraction, something marginally healthier than excessive drinking, but Spike was perfectly willing to help him out with that.

“Sounds like a pretty grand plan to me...”

Wes chuckled and popped the fly on Spike’s jeans. He ignored Spike’s little whine of frustration and the way that he unconsciously tugged on his bonds when he ran a teasing finger up the straining shaft and then stopped touching entirely in favour of pushing the denim off Spike’s hips and down his legs.

As Wesley kneeled to unlace Spike’s boots and tug them off, along with his pants, Spike hopefully nudged forwards, putting his hardened cock within reaching distance of Wes’ mouth. He was rewarded with an arch look and a sharp little slap to the thigh.

“Oh, come on. While you’re down there...”

“If you don’t be quiet, I’ll tie your legs too. Then you’ll have to crawl across the floor and into my lap to get my cock inside you.”

“Jesus...” Spike’s dick pushed out a little blurt of pre-come, and Wesley deigned to gather it up on his thumb and suck it off with a little groan.

He then stood up, leaving Spike naked from the waist down and with his wrists fixed helplessly behind him. Letting his gaze roam appreciatively over the vampire, he walked backwards to his chair and settled himself, dragging his hand idly over his own crotch.

“Just gonna stare at me?” asked Spike, voice hoarse from excitement and frustration. Being unable to touch himself was arousing, but decidedly inconvenient.

Wes unzipped his fly and pulled his cock free, stroking the hard length languorously. “Why don’t you come over here and find out?”

Spike stepped over as seductively as he could, feeling just a little self-conscious about his semi-nakedness until Wesley gave him a lustful, appreciative look and murmured, “Beautiful.”

Ducking his head with uncharacteristic shyness, Spike stopped right in front of Wesley’s chair, between his spread legs.

“Where do you want me?”

Wesley closed and opened his fists in a ‘come on’ gesture, and Spike gasped to find that the magic flexed around his wrists and bunted forwards, knocking him a step closer to Wes and sending him off-balance.

Wesley caught Spike, sliding an arm around his ass and grabbing the opposite hip. Using the momentum, he pulled him down into his lap in a full straddle.

“Well, hey there,” breathed Spike as he was slotted snugly against Wes, his bare cock trapped between their abdomens. He could feel Wesley’s erection along the line of his inner thigh, pushing against his balls.

Wes leaned forward and kissed him, holding him tightly against his body while he parted his lips with his tongue and explored his mouth. Spike moaned and melted into the kiss, drawing Wesley’s tongue into his mouth and lapping at it with quick little licks. They nibbled on one another’s lips and Spike could feel his dick drooling pre-come against Wes’ shirt. The kissing was heated and sensuous, and Wesley was using his hold to rock them together, his own dick sliding over Spike’s hole every so often.

Spike tried to wrap his arms around Wes to get better leverage, and growled when he couldn’t. He tried tugging his wrists apart, but it was no use. The magic was deceptively elastic, but when he tried to pull it clamped down, vice-like.

“Sorry, Spike. I’m calling the shots,” whispered Wesley against his lips, sliding his fingers against Spike’s crack and then toying with his ass, dipping in ever so slightly.

“And, what ? You’re gonna tease me to death?”

“You’re already dead.”

“Really no excuse, mate.”

“Sorry,” replied Wesley without sincerity. But he did push his fingers inside Spike, wiggling them until the thick ring of muscle loosened to accommodate him.

“Yeah, that’s it,” murmured Spike, biting his own lip and letting his eyes flutter shut. “Come on, I want you in me.”


“Never really been one of my virtues.”

“You have virtues?”

Spike chuckled and opened his eyes, taking in Wesley’s lustful gaze. “You seem to have found the odd thing to like.”

“Quite a lot of things, actually,” breathed Wesley, kissing the corner of Spike’s mouth and then shifting him in his lap, repositioning him. “Are you ready?”

Spike nodded. It wasn’t a lot of prep, but he didn’t need it; Wes knew that he liked the burn.

Wesley carefully slid inside his body, holding him steady and pulling him close. He kissed Spike’s jaw as he gasped and hissed, shushing him and drawing him snug against his groin. Once fully seated, he groaned loudly and rested their foreheads together.

“You feel amazing.”

“You too,” replied Spike. “God, please move.”

With his arms still trapped behind him, Spike was reliant on Wesley to keep him stable and to provide all the leverage. He cursed colourfully as Wes began to undulate beneath him, fucking up into his body. The plush leather chair was helpfully ergonomic, and tilted and bounced delightfully with every thrust.

The last time they’d been together, it had been about helping Wesley to let go, to relinquish control for a while. Now it was about letting him take charge, giving him something that he could control. He needed to have power over something, and Spike could give him that, without making either of them any less.

Wesley gripped him hard, commanding his movement utterly and shoving up from underneath as he dragged Spike back and forth to the rhythm that he wanted.

Allowing himself to remain helpless and guided, Spike relaxed into the thrusts, letting Wesley’s swivelling hips drive him towards completion. Kissing Wesley almost desperately, he said, “I’m not going to last long like this.”

“That’s lucky,” panted Wesley. “I have a two o’clock...”

Spike laughed, the sound trailing off into a moan that was echoed by Wesley at the tight clenching around his cock caused by Spike’s mirth.

“God, I should start doing stand-up when we’re screwing.”

“Just shut the hell up, would you? Christ,” complained Spike. Deciding it might be more expedient, he kissed Wesley fiercely, just trying to brace himself as Wes started pumping harder, bouncing him in his lap.

Wesley took the hint and concentrated on getting them both off, searching the right angle for Spike and then absolutely nailing him, kissing him hard and keeping their bodies tight together.

He deliberately drew the mystical bonds a little tighter, watching Spike wince and then buck against him, turned on by the slight pain and domination. Spike broke away, gasping.

“Fuck, Wes. Touch me. Please.”

“Always happy to oblige,” murmured Wesley with a smile, wrapping one hand tightly around Spike’s leaking shaft and setting up a brisk motion in perfect counterpoint to their tandem movement. Spike hissed out a ‘yes’ and tried to push into the touch, grinding down on Wesley’s dick for maximum stimulation.

Within minutes, Wes’ skill and the whole intoxicating situation drove Spike over the edge and he came all over Wesley’s shirt, crying out and bowing backwards. Fortunately, Wes supported him, preventing him from tumbling to the floor. After a few more deep strokes inside his suddenly pliant body, Wesley was coming too, stifling his shouts against Spike’s shoulder.

Wes barely managed to catch his breath before Spike kissed him, nudging their faces together and nuzzling against him.

“Wow, that was so much more fun than I usually have in this place...”

“You’re not wrong,” agreed Wes, kissing over his mouth and his jaw. He wrapped his arms around Spike, rubbing soothingly over his back and allowing their bodies to mould together. He ran a hand over Spike’s still-tethered wrists, caressing lightly. “Stunning.”

“Are you gonna let me free?”

“I’ll think about it,” replied Wesley, scratching his stubbled jaw gently against Spike’s face. “Although it might be more fun to just prop you in the corner and use you in between meetings.”

Spike snorted and Wesley sighed before passing his hands firmly over Spike’s wrists once more, breaking the bonds. “I suppose I shall have to let you go.”

“I won’t go far,” promised Spike, sliding his arms around Wes’ body and cuddling close to him. “I’ll be here if you need me.”

“That’s nice to know,” said Wesley softly, and Spike ached for how sad he sounded. He’d had quite enough of people disappearing from his life.

Knowing that was nothing else he could do, Spike held Wesley tight her and kissed him firmly, almost chastely.

Wes smiled and rested his face against Spike’s neck, slipping his arms around him.

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Lenore Goethe: BtVS Spike/Wespickamix on April 11th, 2013 10:26 pm (UTC)
Had to read that twice ... I'm in love ... the kissing, the bondage while mild was good, and there was cuddling afterward!!! You hit all my squishy romantic spots!!!! Thank you, soooooooooo much!!!!

*hugs and love*
ash_carpenterash_carpenter on April 14th, 2013 12:31 am (UTC)
Aw, thank you sweetie! I'm delighted that you enjoyed it, even though the bondage wasn't quite as hardcore as could be wished.

tifachingtifaching on April 11th, 2013 11:25 pm (UTC)
Whoa. I see I'm going to have to go read the previous fic because DAMN! Hot and shmoopy...very nice!

Also, at least on my flist, the cut isn't working.
ash_carpenterash_carpenter on April 14th, 2013 12:32 am (UTC)
Thank you, darling! Ugh, I must stop writing stuff that's schmoopy... So unlike me! ;-)

Thanks for the catch!
spikesjojospikesjojo on April 13th, 2013 07:45 am (UTC)
Oh, I love your Spesley - two damaged been finding solace and relief with each other. I had never thought about Wesley using magic in that way - makes the power much more balanced.

You know what - this would make an awesome series!
ash_carpenterash_carpenter on April 14th, 2013 12:33 am (UTC)
Yay, thank you! Yes, I really think that they could be good for each other, the poor damaged boys.
Butterfly: [ATS] Lindsey_Snogged.  Not Snaggablesnogged on May 10th, 2013 03:10 am (UTC)
This was absolutely delicious!
Well done, sweetie.
ash_carpenterash_carpenter on May 10th, 2013 06:05 pm (UTC)
Thanks, baby! :D
( 8 rode all the way down — Take your ticket )